CEO Quilvest Asset Management
Member of the Executive Committee


Before joining the Quilvest group in 2005, Xavier Leroy ran Copagest Finance, a management company that he created in Paris in 1993. Copagest Finance specialised in interest rate management activities on behalf of institutional investors, more specifically mutual health insurance companies, insurance companies and pension funds. Xavier was also a director of Richelieu Finance until 2001.

Prior to this, he headed fixed income and investment management trading departments on behalf of institutional investors at Paris brokerage firms. He was also in charge of the MATIF department, where he set up an expertise and arbitrage centre for bond management.

In 2005, his company joined the Quilvest group to become the group’s institutional management division. As part of a streamlining strategy, all of the group’s management companies were merged between 2009 and 2015 to give birth first to Quilvest Gestion, then to Quilvest Asset Management. Xavier is currently a Deputy director of Quilvest Asset Management and a Member of the Executive Committee of Quilvest Wealth Management.